Describing a person’s character/personality (Vocabulary)

There any many adjectives that can be used to describe a person’s character. A description of a person's personality can be positive or negative.

Aggressive (ready to attack or confront)
Ambitious (having a strong desire and determination to succeed)
Confident (feeling sure about yourself)
Down to earth, easy going (approachable and relaxed)
Extrovert, sociable, friendly (outgoing and expressive) – Opposite Introvert, unsociable
Generous (ready to give more of something than is necessary or expected)
Honest (truthful and sincere) - Opposite Dishonest
Intelligent, smart, clever
(quick to understand, learn and apply ideas)
Jealous (envying someone or their achievements and advantages)
Naïve (lack of experience, wisdom or judgment)
Nosy (wants to know about other people’s affairs)
Open (communicative and frank)
Optimistic, positive (hopeful and confident about the future) - Opposite Pessimistic, negative
Pigheaded, stubborn (determined not to change one’s attitude or position)
Polite (respectful and considerate of others) - Opposite Rude
Reliable (able to be trusted) - Opposite Unreliable
Sensitive (delicate appreciation of others’ feelings)
Talented (being good at something)
Trustworthy (able to be relied on as honest or truthful)
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