Model Answer – IELTS (Task 2)

The birth rate in most developed countries is predicted to begin to fall over the next 50 years. By 2030 it is estimated that over one third of the population in most developed countries will be aged 65 and over.

What effects will these predictions have on developed countries if they prove true? What can be done now to deal with this situation?

With the birth rate expected to fall and an increase in the number of senior citizens, this is likely to result in economic and social problems in developed countries. Although there is no way of changing these figures for a more balanced society, the government may take some precautionary measures to lessen the impact this prediction might cause.

To begin with, if most of the population is over 65, the output of a country will be reduced. At this age people usually retire and do not contribute positively to the income or growth of a country. To face labour shortages, some governments have chosen to increase the age of retirement so that people continue to work well past a reasonable retirement age.

What is more, the social needs of the elderly differ to those of other members of society. At a later stage in life individuals require care, medical treatment and social interaction with others. The government will have to restructure the way that it spends its budget, allocating more money to pensions, hospitals, old age homes, libraries and other services aimed at the elderly.

To sum up, an ageing population is a worrying trend. Young people will not be able to drive the economy with energy and new ideas while the elderly cannot work to their full capacity. Socially, senior citizens look forward to a period when they can relax and enjoy their leisure time after so many years of working and this will be denied to them. The government will be required to plan ahead in terms of passing appropriate laws, budget cuts and allocations to ensure economic growth and benefit to those in need.

Question from Grammar for IELTS (p.54)
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