English Conversation Class Ideas

Speaking is one of the most difficult skills in English teaching. Because students can get so easily embarrassed or nervous, conversation exercises need to be mindful of just over numerous other activities. The most important thing to remember when running a course of conversation, is to always make the student feel as comfortable as possible. Give plenty of positive encouragement and not get caught up in correcting minor errors.

Role Play

Perhaps the year's most frequently taught speaking is the role play. This technique is useful in a class because it allows students to practice skills and words that should not normally be used in the classroom or in everyday situations. The idea behind the role play is simply to act. Two other students over to meet and pretend they are in a specific situation, as two tourists try to rent a hotel room, or someone who tries to make a good impression in a job interview .

Class Discussion

Class discussion is also useful when the conversation class teaching, but the trick is to choose a subject engaging. Selecting something that is in the interest of your students is key. Possible topics include: some countries, foods, cultures, laws, health, grammar and many others. Once you've chosen a topic, prepare specific questions about it to initiate and maintain discussion. For example, if your choice of bread. What is the bread? How can you do? Is white or brown better and why? How important is yeast? These types of questions help students reflect on the topic in detail and respond using the specialized vocabulary.
Bridging Gaps

The idea behind this exercise is that students have different information to match a number of categories. For example, categories could be: the films name, occupation, date of birth, hobbies and favorites. Each category contains information on at least five different people, but each student can have one third or one fourth of this information. The student must then ask my colleagues: "Who has a birthday on that date?" Or "What is John's favorite movie?" This encourages conversation in a small low pressure environment where students do not talk to the class.


Questionnaires are just like they sound. They usually contain a list of questions centered around a different category such as sports or recreation. Students must then go around the room and ask questions to a number of his peers and then note the answers. It is a good exercise to combine speaking, listening and writing. When finished, each student can choose one interviewee and read his answers to the class.
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