Essay Writing Exercises

"Essay" The word comes from "exigere, the Latin word which means to test or hunt. This gives an overview of what teachers expect of high school and college newspapers. Tests are a means of assessment that allows teachers to assess a student's ability to critically examine and present their ideas on a given topic. Essay writing exercises should help students in both writing and critical analysis.


Pre-writing exercises help students to formulate their concept and start the analysis of their ideas. Pre-writing is to choose a topic, generate ideas, gathering information, narrow your focus and organize your main ideas. Use brainstorming and pre-writing exercises emphasizing that. Give students a topic and ask them to write all the ideas they may imagine. This allows them to test their current knowledge and reflect on their subjects. So, let them make a plan that includes a thesis, at least three main points and supporting evidence.

Describing exercises help your students learn to structure their ideas into a coherent whole. They use a graphic organizer or a traditional pattern structure, each section of their plan should take account of paragraph structure, with a main point and sufficient development. It teaches them to think logically and will save them time when they write and revise their essays.


A lot of student’s effort to write a thesis, as it involves analysis, synthesis and relationship. An excellent thesis is generally given in the introduction answers the unspecified question behind the subject of the essay. It gives the main argument, organizes ideas and provides the reader with a general guide for the test. Students need practice to properly convey this information in a succinct sentence or two.

Help your students to practice writing theses by providing a list of topics. Ask them to find ideas in silence on the subject, then write two or three arguments for each topic. Ask them to review their list of arguments, noting in the margin beside each argument if it contains their main argument, and briefly mentions their support points in the order they are to follow when writing the test. Collect these exercises and provide written comments, helping to identify theses have been more effective and why.
Introductions and Conclusions

The most essential parts of the test are the introduction and conclusion, as they connect readers to the subject. The introduction is the very important to make an impression to the readers to decide whether or not they continue to read. The conclusion that the last expression, determines the impression they leave with and whether or not it will control their thoughts and events. Because these items are so important, your students need to practice regularly and learn to integrate basic information with techniques that engage readers.

Take a topic that your students have already considered and outlined. Ask them to write several listings on the same subject using different LADES, or "hook" to attract the attention of their readers. They can experiment with statistics, questions, quotes, anecdotes and descriptions. Ask them to choose the introduction they think is most effective. Have them practice writing different conclusions for the same subject and choose which is most effective. Read some of their introductions and conclusions aloud and discuss what makes them effective and how they might be improved.


Students must learn to revise and edit their essays. It helps them improve their ideas, be sure to test them effectively treats the subject and eliminate grammatical errors or stylistic. Identify errors and weaknesses of his own test is more difficult than identifying someone else's test. Many textbooks and resource sites online to provide samples for testing students revise. Either give one of these sample tests to your students for them to revise, or cause to revise documents and test a classmate. After they reviewed the work and someone else's editing, publishing have their own practice.
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