How to Vitaminize Your English Grammar and Boost Your Communication Skills

How to Vitaminize Your English Grammar and Boost Your Communication Skills

Whether you’re studying English individually or you randomly meet with a group of students, there are many tips you can take and practice to improve your communication skills.

They say that the first impression is a lasting impression. Grammar imperfections are not acceptable and give off a sloppy understanding of the person’s knowledge of the language. The wrong idea can get across causing an erroneous belief of something. Here are some suggestions to help you sweep away those haunting errors and improve your grammar skills.

First things first, there’s nothing like studying home alone because you have absolute concentration. Some people may find this boring but if you’re taking English lessons in Toronto, learning the language alone has its benefits. You should use a good grammar book and mark yourself daily lessons. As you go through each lesson take notes of particular inquiries that may come up and use today’s best learning tool, the Internet, to help clarify your doubts.

Some common mistakes in grammar are using “your” versus “you’re”. “You’re” is the contraction form for the words “you are” and “your” shows possession of something. Go online and search for examples of ways these words or any other words you have questions about, are used. You can then exchange notes online with students taking Spanish classes in Washington and compare your comprehension of the language.

The most important obstacle to overcome when adapting a new language is identifying everyday bloopers and learning not to repeat them. When you’re searching the Internet, look for regular mishaps other students like yourself do and accustom yourself not to repeat them. Eventually you will come to realize not to reuse that word or phrase when you have to write or communicate orally with someone. Practise makes perfect so the more you practise that better you’ll get your thoughts across.

Make sure the grammar book you are using has the answers in the back unit. This is a great item to use for self test and checking. After you’ve gone through a lesson, make yourself a checklist and go over each skill you’ve learned. Then use the answer key in the back of the book to put your apprentice to test. This is very self-satisfying and rewarding. You can also take advantage of online exercises and quizzes.

Reading out loud is a great way to not only rehearse your writing skills but also to help your memory. It’s important to hear yourself speaking out loud because it’ll help you identify if you’ve structured a sentence incorrectly. Reading silently what we’ve written helps us mentally picture what we’re trying to communicate but speaking out loud helps focus on the idea we’re trying to get across. The more you repeat things the more you’ll register these grammar points and they’ll come out of you naturally in future conversations.

If you have the chance to talk with a native speaker of the language, great! Meet at a nice coffee shop and conversate in English or whatever language you’ve decided to learn, and have them listen and identify your speaking habits. If you don’t know of any native speakers you can always join forums or chat rooms and talk to someone online. This is a great possibility because you can be tested on your writing and oral skills if you speak through Skype. Most importantly, you should have fun learning a new language. The more comfortable you feel with the language, the more flexible your learning habits will become.

Guest Post written by Ivana. Ivana is a freelance writer who specializes in Languages. Her passion for writing has given her the chance to write for blog spots in a variety of subjects.
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