Idioms "do"

Do me a favour = Please do something for me e.g. Do me a favour. Buy some bread on your way home.
Did you ever! = expressing surprise, amazement etc. e.g. Well did you ever! Lady Gaga is having a concert here!
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! = Be good e.g. Bye Sarah. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!
Easy does it! = Do it slowly and carefully. e.g. Easy it does it! There are glasses in that box.
How are you doing? = How are you?
How do you do it? = How is that done? e.g. How do you do it? Five children and a full-time job!
I could do with… = I need. e.g. I could do with a holiday as I’ve been working so hard lately.
Sure do! = Yes please. e.g. Do you want some cake? Sure do!
That does it! = I can’t bear any more, I’m going to take action e.g. That does it! They have been partying non-stop. I’m calling the police.
Well done! = expressing praise and congratulations e.g. Well done! You got an A.
What do you do? = What’s your job?
You do that = Yes, do it e.g. Shall I ring Daniel? You do that.
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