Informal letters - General Training IELTS

When writing an informal letter:

Use informal vocabulary
Use short forms (I’m, He’s, She isn’t etc)


Opening: Dear (name) Closing: All the best,/Love,/Best wishes,

Starting your letter
Thank you for your letter. It was great hearing from you.
Sorry I haven’t written for so long.
I’m writing to tell you about…

Ending your letter
Give my love to your parents/family.
I can’t wait to see you.
Write back and tell me all your news.
That’s all my news for now.

Making suggestions
Why don’t you/we…?
I think…
How about…? / Let’s…

Asking for information
I’d like some more information about…
I’d love it if…
I’d appreciate it if…

Giving advice
I’m sure you could…
You should…
Why don’t you…?
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