iPhone Apps that help you refine your English

While there are countless apps out there that claim to teach people the basic mechanics of the English language, there are far fewer apps available that help people refine those skills once they learn the fundamentals. After you learn the bare necessities of English—phonics, basic nouns, verbs, and adjectives, the structure of a simple sentence, and so forth—you have to learn what to do with all the new information in order to keep it fresh and growing in your mind.

With that in mind, here are three free apps for your iPhone that can help you get to the intermediate level of English language competency. Try them out and good luck!

Grammar App
Grammar App

The simply titled Grammar App is a free app for the iPhone that teaches a variety of English grammar lessons to users. Grammar App utilizes a diversity of lesson plans to tackle components of English grammar, including verb tenses, prepositions, interjections, punctuation, and adverbs.

The app allows you to select an area of grammar where you need a lesson, and then presents you with several exercises, usually in the form of a sentence that needs a grammatical tune up. For example, there might be an adverb lesson that shows sentences with incorrect usage, and your job is to point out the misused adverbs. After you complete a lesson, Grammar App tabulates your overall “score” so that you can keep track of your progress.

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Sentence Maker
Sentence Maker

If you’re having trouble with the basics of sentence syntax, then you’d better check out Sentence Maker. This app presents you with vibrant photos of various situations and asks you to construct a sentence to describe the scene. There’s a wheel of options to choose from below the picture, typically divided up into sections based on subject, verb, and object.

A picture of a Martian landscape might read “The green aliens are in front of the red rocks.” Sentence Maker offers sentences of varying complexity, so you can change it up depending on your English competency. This is an app primarily meant for children, but it can work just as well for someone new to the English language.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The classic dictionary works just as well on the iPhone as it does in book format. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app contains millions of words in the English language, each with descriptive and understandable definitions to help you understand them better.

This is an essential tool for someone working on the English language because so many words have multiple meanings that you’ll be lost on their proper use without context. The easy to use interface makes the dictionary much less intimidating than the real thing, which is probably the biggest book you’ll ever see. It’s also a free app, so there’s really no reason not to download it.

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