Stop talking! Imperatives

Imperatives are used for giving orders. They can be seen on boxes, in public places, instruction manuals, etc. They can also be used for making offers, invitations, requests and giving directions.

Orders: Stop talking! Don’t walk on the grass! Don’t enter!

Offers: Help yourself to more tea. Try one of these cookies.

Invitations: Come in and sit down.

Instructions: Open the box this side. Stir well. Bake for 30 minutes.

Suggestions: Enjoy yourself. Relax. Have fun. Drive carefully.

Requests: Please wait a moment. Remove your shoes, please.

Giving directions: Turn left. Cross the road at the lights.

Negative imperatives: Don’t be late! Don’t talk in the library. Don’t worry. Don’t make such a noise! Don’t forget to ring.
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