Wow, ouch, huh! (Interjections)

Interjections are sounds used to express feelings and are used more in spoken than in written English.

To suddenly see/understand something, to show surprise or pleasure Ah
To show agreement Aha, Uh-huh
If you’re feeling cold Brr
If you don’t like something Eeek,Yuck
If you are not sure about something Er, Hmm, Uh, Um, Umm
If you are surprised Gee
To get someone’s attention or express surprise Hey
When something is delicious Mmm
To express surprise or pain Oh
When you drop something Oops, Whoops
If you are hurt Ouch
To express relief Phew
To get someone’s attention Psst
If you want someone to be quiet Shh
If you want something to go away Shoo
If someone is impressed Wow
If you are happy about something Yippee
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