Prepositions after certain words

Bad/Good at e.g. She’s good at swimming.
Laugh at e.g. They laughed at her when she was young as she was very tall.
Shout at e.g. The boss shouted at me for being late.
Smile at e.g. He smiled at me through the window.

Divided into e.g. The exam is divided into four sections.
Enter into an agreement e.g. They entered into an agreement with the government.

Accuse someone of something e.g. They accused me of parking in front of the emergency exit.
Afraid of e.g. We are afraid of flying.
Example of e.g. I wouldn’t say that was a very good example of a good song.
Remind someone of e.g. He reminds me of one of my classmates.

Depend on e.g. The country depends on imports from abroad.
Insist on e.g. They insisted on getting a better price.
Operate on e.g. The surgeon operated on him last week.

Agree to a suggestion e.g. They agreed to rent the flat at half price.
Rude/Polite/Nice/Kind to e.g. They were kind to us when we needed help.
Listen to e.g. Do you like listening to pop music?
Married to e.g. She’s married to Philip.

Agree with someone, an opinion or policy e.g. She agreed with me.
Fight with e.g. We had a fight with the neighbours because they were noisy.
Ill with e.g. I was ill with the flu last week.
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