Some idioms with "cut"

Cut above the rest = superior e.g. I must admit that the Hungarian salami was a cut above the rest.
Cut back = economize e.g. Due to the economic crises we’ve had to cut back on staff travel.
Cut down to size = reduce someone’s arrogance e.g. He was showing off about his new expensive car, so I cut him down to size.
Cut in = interrupt e.g. Can I just cut in here and say I don’t agree with what you’re saying.
Cut it out = stop doing that! e.g. Cut it out at the back. I’m trying to drive.
Cut off = interruption in a telephone conversation e.g. The signal was bad so our telephone conversation was cut off.
Cut off without a penny = disinherit e.g. Even though her uncle is really rich, she got cut off without a penny.
Cut short = interrupt e.g. The meeting was cut short when the Chairman was called away.
Cut up = upset e.g. She was really cut up when the marriage ended.
Short cut = quicker way e.g. Do you know a short cut into town? We’re already late.
Cut a long story short = shorten e.g. To cut a long story short, I managed to give in my assignment on time.
Cut corners = economize in time or materials e.g. I think the building collapsed because the contractors tried to cut corners using cheap material.
Cut one’s losses = stop doing something to minimize losses e.g. We should try to cut our losses while it’s earlier and sell our stock.
Cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face = suffer harm while trying to harm someone else e.g. He wanted to have his revenge but I told him not to cut off his nose to spite his face.
Cut the air with a knife = a tense atmosphere e.g. We went for drinks after their argument. It was so uncomfortable that you could cut the air with a knife.
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