Put on/dress/wear

Put on (phrasal verb)
You put one item of clothing on at a time.
e.g. I put on my shirt, coat and shoes then went out.
e.g. Please put your boots on. It’s cold outside.

To dress (verb)
When you get dressed, you put all your clothes on.
e.g. I can usually get dressed in ten minutes!
e.g. Bank employees usually dress very formally.

A dress (noun) is a particular item of women’s clothing.
e.g. She wore an evening dress.

Dress up (phrasal verb) means to look formal or to become something/someone else.
e.g. It’s a college party. There’s no need to dress up!
e.g. I got dressed up as Michael Jackson for the fancy dress party.

To wear (verb)
When you finish getting dressed, you are wearing your clothes.
e.g. We usually wear jeans.
e.g. What are you wearing?
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