Expressions used to describe people

A big-mouth = someone who can’t keep a secret
A bookworm = loves reading books
Bossy = likes telling others what to do
A chatterbox = can’t stop talking
Cheap = someone who doesn’t like spending money
Clueless = someone who has no idea what is going on
Down to earth = a practical person
Easygoing = has a relaxed attitude
A high flier = is clever and ambitious and looks for promotion and success
A killjoy = prevents others from enjoying themselves
A know-it-all = someone who thinks they know everything
A lazybones = someone who isn’t active or energetic
A nosey parker = pokes their nose into other people’s business
An odd-ball = someone strange
Pigheaded = stubborn
Pushy = forceful
A scatterbrain = is confused and forgetful
A slowcoach / slowpoke = someone who is slow
A quick study = someone who learns very fast
A workaholic = loves to work
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