Latin abbreviations used in English

Some Latin abbreviations are still used today for dates and times, academic qualifications and writing.

Dates and Times

A.C. (Ante Christum) = before Christ
A.D. (Anno Domini) = in the year of the Lord
a.m. (Ante Meridiem) = before midday
p.m. (Post Meridiem) = after midday

Academic Degrees

B.S./ B.Sc. (Baccalaureus Scientiae) = Bachelor of Science
LL.B. (Lequm Baccalaureus) = Bachelor of Laws
M.A. (Magister Artium) = Master of Arts (Fine Art, Humanities, Social Science, Theology)
M.D. (Medicinae Doctor) = Doctor of Medicine
Ph.D. (PhilosophiƦ Doctor) = Teacher of Philosophy

Academic writing

Et al. (et alii) = and others / and co-workers
Etc. (et cetera) = and other things
ibid. (ibidem) = in same place, for example in the same book
i.e. (id est) = in other words
op.cit. (opera citato) = as was mentioned previously in the same article or book
Viz. (videlicet) = that is to say

At the workplace

C.V. (curriculum vitae) = course of life. It is used to summarise job experience, skills and education when applying for employment.
N.B. (nota bene) = note well
e.g. (exampli gratia) = for example
p.a. (per annum) = yearly
per cent. (per centum) = percent, for each one hundred
p.p. (per procurationem) = through the agency of. If you are signing something on behalf of someone.
P.S. (post scriptum) = after what has been written. It is used to show that there are further additions after the signature.
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