SEN Teacher - free teaching resources

SEN Teacher - free teaching resources

SEN Teacher is a great site in English that offers teaching materials specially designed for students with special needs. Many of the resources found on this website can also be used to teach English to primary and elementary students and there is a huge amount of printables that will be of great benefit to the class.

Among the resources that SEN Teacher offers, it’s worth mentioning:

  • Math Printables: print worksheets to read clocks, count the coins, how much change and shape recognition.
  • Literacy Printables: handouts and teaching aids which support reading and writing, like word search generator, letter mash, word scramblers, alphabet cards and even literacy dominoes.
  • Other Printables: certificates as well as resources for science and other subjects. It includes skeleton labels and others cards to learn how to recognise facial expressions.
As a printable example, you can see one below to read clocks in English:

SEN Teacher example

There is no doubt that SEN Teacher is an essential online resource to find material and printables that are really helpful for the English teacher.
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