5 TV Shows for Basic English

Learning English is not always a simple process for those who are not familiar with the language. While some may use basic English words, they may not know the proper verbs and nouns to use in order to fill in sentences. Studies have shown that watching television shows can actually help people to understand and pick up the English language with ease.

1. Law and Order - This American-made television show is about police offers and how they prosecute criminals. There is a lot of dialogue in this show that those who are learning English can benefit from. When learning English, it is important to watch TV shows that do not use a lot of slang terms or sarcasm, as this can be hard to pick up on. Law and Order is a prime example of what to look for in a show that can help you to learn the language. In addition to learning English, viewers will see how American law works and see good examples of how cases are solved in the country.

2. Friday Night Lights - This television show is a drama series that is based around a high school football team. Football is a major sport within American culture. Friday Night Lights includes a lot of dialogue and will help the viewer to understand what life is like growing up in a small town, attending high school and the popularity of football. Not only will English learners get to know the language, but it is also important to understand parts of American culture.

3. Dexter - Dexter is a Showtime series based in Miami, Florida. While Dexter works for the Miami crime scene unit, he is also killing murderers in his spare time. This show is ideal for students who enjoy suspense dramas. There is a lot of language to be learned while watching Dexter, along with enjoyable plots that leave viewers wondering what's coming next.

4. 60 Minutes - News shows are actually one of the best ways to pick up on the English language. On 60 Minutes, topics such as health, finance, entertainment and cooking are all covered. Viewers will see the latest in American pop culture, news and more. From interviews to musical performances, this show has it all.

5. Days of Our Lives - Soap operas are a huge part of the American television industry. Days of Our Lives is on daily, providing viewers with something to watch and learn from every day. The characters also speak clearly and slowly on this show, making it easier to understand than most. Based on three families, there are always new and exciting plots occurring.

The key to learning English through television shows is by watching something that you will enjoy. TV series that spark your interests are proven to give you a better understanding of the language. Best of all, these five shows can all be found to watch online.

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