Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

In some countries today, there is an attitude that ‘anyone can do it’ in the arts – music, literature, acting, art, etc. As a result, people with no talent become rich and famous and genuine talent is not valued or appreciated. Do you agree or disagree?

Reality television programs are extremely fashionable today and they promote the idea that an average person can succeed in the world of entertainment. Every year we witness thousands of contestants auditioning for shows like the X-factor, The Voice and other talent shows that make winners stars overnight but usually this fame is short lived until the next season of the show.

Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves just as everyone appreciates different types of art. It is for this reason that the market has been accepting a variety of talents. Occasionally, these talent shows do discover genuine talent that would go undiscovered if an opportunity was not provided to them.

On the other hand, the media is dominated by stars that have no real talent, for example, Paris Hilton is well-known merely because of her money and the Kardashians have limited acting skills. As these personalities dominate the limelight there is little room for genuine talent. Often genuine talent is not appreciated even though artists who are dedicated to their work usually last longer than those whose fame relies on factors other than talent.

I believe everyone should be involved in the arts as this is good for the human soul. Consumers ultimately decide what is successful art and this can be seen in their voting preferences with respect to TV shows or their purchasing decisions. Genuine talent is always appreciated and those who have it stay longer in the market place than those who do not.

Question taken from Exam Essentials IELTS Practice Tests p.109
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