Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The diagram illustrates how parts of a pencil are put together to produce the finished product. The pencil leads and the surrounding cases are made separately and then assembled together.

Ground graphite, clay and water are made into dough which is then placed into a forming press to produce a graphite rod. The pieces of lead are left to dry and heated in an oven at a high temperature. They are then added to the production process of the case.

Wood is first prepared by cutting it into strips. Shapes are cut into the wooden slat to enable the lead pieces to be placed in the grooves. They are fastened to the slat with the help of glue. Next a cover is placed on top of this layer to enclose it. A shaping machine then creates a smooth finish and the pencil is ready for use.

To sum up, two parallel procedures are required to make a pencil. Once the lead has been prepared it is inserted into a wooden case and covered to create a pencil.
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