Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Some people regard work as the most important thing in life and have little interest in anything else. Other people are more enthusiastic about their hobbies and leisure interests than their jobs. Discuss both these attitudes and give your own opinion.

People need to work in order to survive financially and cover their living expenses. Hobbies are also necessary as without these an individual’s life would be monotonous and boring. Some people take their work very seriously and are ambitious trying to stay ahead while others are more interested in enjoying themselves.

Work occupies a large part of a person’s life and it is important that they enjoy what they do so that they do not feel miserable when they get up in the morning. For many people, work is their life and they do not appear to be interested in anything else. Workaholics are the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave, often working at weekends and during holidays as well. This may be due to the fact that they hold a position of responsibility in the company or they might be self-employed. I do not think it is a good idea to be defined by your work only. It is important to have interests outside your working environment.

Having personal time to do what you enjoy most means that a person has time to relax and unwind and release some of the tension from work. People who value their hobbies more might mean that they do not regard their work highly and might not be the best or reliable employees to have.

All in all, there should be a balance between work and pleasure. Working too hard results in burn out and health issues whilst only focusing on leisure activities may mean that an individual will not gain a promotion or greater financial security, in fact they may even lose their job due to fierce competition in the job market.

Question taken from Exam Essentials IELTS Practice Tests p.169
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