Focus On Vocabulary Mastering The Academic Word List

Focus on vocabulary Mastering the academic world list by Diane Schmitt and Norbert Schmitt gives high-intermediate to advanced / gymnasium students the vocabulary skills they need to succeed in academic environments. Through excerpts from college texts and well-crafted exercises, English learners study the Academic Word List -- the most frequently used words in academic texts. Each chapter provides a series of exercises on word meaning and word families. In addition, collocations exercises develop students' ability to form natural partnerships between the target vocabulary and other words.
Level: Gymnasium students planning a course of English-language higher education
  • 24 words in each chapter are featured first in an authentic academic text, then in exercises to reinforce meaning, usage and collocations.
  • Seven units focus on areas, such as social change, consumer behavior, natural resources, and music.
  • Each chapter recycles the target vocabulary four times in reading passages and exercises.
  • Collocation exercises train how academic words are used in real contexts.
  • Strategy Practice chapters offer tips for  dictionary usage and methods for expanding word knowledge.
  • Expansion sections provide additional reading, discussion, and writing activities.
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