Model Answer - Ielts Writing (Task 2)

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We are bombarded by advertisements on a daily basis whether they are on television, billboards, on the internet, on the radio or printed media. Bright colours, catchy tunes, celebrities, clever or funny adverts catch our attention and often make us want to purchase products that we don’t really need. This is what is known as the power of advertising.

Those who believe in the power of advertising say it leads to the high sales of popular consumer goods. Rather than informing consumers about new products and services, the role of advertising has become to convince consumers to buy products they don’t really need. Commercials of today are blurring the line between needs and wants by creating desire for a product. Consumers are buying into an image. Famous stars or attractive people are often used to advertise products and make people believe they can become like them if they use a product.

On the other hand, some people question the true power of advertising. As there are so many adverts currently being shown, consumers stop paying attention to them. Furthermore, there are other factors involved when making a choice about what products to buy. Consumers have the ability to make their own choices depending on their finances. Even if a product appeals to a consumer through an advert it may be beyond a shopper’s budget. Similarly a consumer may spend on a product due to its quality or value for money.

To sum up, although companies spend vast amounts on advertising to boost their sales and some commercials are convincing enough to lead to a sale, I believe consumers are their own masters when it comes to spending. They take into account their household income and their needs.

Cambridge Ielts 6, past papers (p.31)
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