Some idioms with ‘get’

Get about= move/travel e.g. How do you get about without a car?
Get a move on=hurry up e.g. Get a move on! We are going to be late.
Get away from it all=leave the pressures of everyday life e.g. They booked a long holiday to get away from it all.
Get away with=not to be caught e.g. He got away with cheating in the exam.
Get by=manage e.g. I can get by with very little.
Get even with=take revenge on e.g. The gang tried to get even with their rivals.
Get it?=understand e.g. I don’t get it.
Get into=become interested in e.g. At first I didn’t like art but now I’m getting into it.
Get lost=go away! e.g. I’m trying to work. Get lost!
Get on with somebody=have a friendly relationship e.g. They seem to get on very well.
Get rid of=throw away e.g. We don’t need that old sofa anymore. Get rid of it.
Get round to=find time to e.g. I haven’t got round to painting the rooms.
Get through to = make contact with by phone e.g. She was trying to get through to the Manager to complain.
Get together=meet e.g. We should get together next week for some lunch.
Don’t get me wrong=don’t misunderstand me e.g. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great but I don’t always agree with what he says.
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