Model Answer - Ielts Writing (Task 2)

Creative artists should always be given freedom to express their own ideas (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restrictions on what they do.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Art is a form of self-expression whether this is through writing, painting, music or film. Many artists and works are well-known because of their controversial outlook and criticism of the government or society in general. Some governments, especially in the case of dictatorships, force limits on artistic expression in the form of censorship.

Artists should be able to express themselves as they wish. After all, freedom of expression is a democratic right. The government may feel the need to intervene if art becomes controversial or oversteps the boundaries between art and pornography, for example. In art that is politically centred, the government might feel threatened that this attack will reduce their power. The individual should decide what type of art they wish to promote through their purchasing power and not the government. The government should promote and support art in the community and in this indirect way they can control what the public is exposed to.

On the other hand I feel that censorship increases artistic expression and gives value to a work of art that otherwise might not be so well-known. For example, politically outspoken novels that have been banned lead to an increase in sales as people rush to read copies of them out of curiosity.

All in all, I believe art should reflect a person’s feelings. Art happens to be a good way to criticise the government in a creative way. Plenty of art is abstract and shouldn’t be interpreted literally by governments who fear losing their authority.

Cambridge, Ielts 4 past papers, p.76
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