Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

In many countries these days, the number of people continuing their education after school has increased, and the range of courses available at universities and colleges has also increased. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Due to the highly competitive nature of the marketplace it is no longer possible to find a good job with a high school education only. Most students continue studying and having a PhD has become common now. Students also have a lot more subject choices which cater for changing market needs, for example, environmental studies and IT related fields are currently popular.

This is a positive development as education is always valued and can improve a person’s standard of living and their understanding of the world around them. Education is often encouraged in developing countries for this reason. What is more, it is a good idea for universities to keep up with job trends and offer a variety of courses to their students.

On the other hand, many great entrepreneurs did not have any further education. After leaving high school they went straight into the workplace and gained valuable experience that placed them several years ahead of those who chose to continue their education. In addition, some countries suffer from over-education where most people are highly educated and they find it difficult to get a job because they are over-qualified and they do not differ from other candidates.

To conclude, education benefits an individual greatly and it is a basic human right. Businesses and countries also develop through educated staff members. Having plenty of options for an individual to choose from is an added advantage. That is not to say that people who decide not to pursue further studies cannot be successful individuals.
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