Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Recent research has shown that media like the Internet and TV have a greater influence over people’s lives than politicians.

Which do you consider to be the greater influence?

Advances in technology means that people have access to the Internet and TV on an on-going basis. It is also for this reason that politicians use mass media to reach a wide audience. Due to the fact that viewers are tuned in so frequently, this media has a powerful influence on them. We often hear stories, for example, of how violent behaviour is triggered by violent images seen on the screen.

First of all, politics is not for everyone. Many people do not exercise their right to vote and do not take the opportunity to control how their lives are run by the government. For this reason, a politician would be unable to get their attention. Let us not forget that many citizens have a negative view of politicians and oppose their policies so this lessens their authority and influence. In fact, there are very few politicians who are seen as positive role models.

On the other hand, the media is able to send out messages that touch people’s lives and can sway public opinion either positively or negatively. All this depends on how a news story is broadcast. Social network sites and amateur videos capture a truer image of events and ordinary people have now taken on the role of journalists.

In my opinion the influence of politicians on everyday life is diminishing. The media is a powerful tool for communicating and passing on information and even politicians employ this source to advance their positions.

Question taken from IELTS Testbuilder 2 p.89
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