Expressions with 'self' (Vocabulary)

Self-addressed = an envelope having your own address on e.g. If you want your assignment returned, you need to include a self-addressed envelope.

Self-appointed = to have a position/role without the authorization of others e.g. The committee didn’t select him. He was self-appointed.

Self-awareness = to know one’s own character e.g. Ever since she started psychoanalysis her self-awareness has improved.

Self-centred = to think only of oneself e.g. I don’t think she will help you as she’s so self-centred.

Self-confident = to trust one’s abilities, qualities and judgement e.g. You will do well in the interview. We can all see how self-confident you are.

Self-conscious = to think of oneself, appearance, actions in a negative way e.g. I can’t wear a bikini as I feel self-conscious about my body.

Self-control = to control emotions/desires e.g. She has no self-control and eats too much at parties.

Self-defence = to protect yourself/interests e.g. After they were attacked they learnt some self-defence techniques to protect themselves in the future.

Self-destruct = something/someone that destroys itself /themselves e.g. All that smoking is self-destructive.

Self-development = development of a person’s character/abilities e.g. The company encourages the staff to attend self-development courses.

Self-discipline = the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome weaknesses e.g. If you are self-disciplined I don’t think you will overspend on holiday.

Self-educated = education through one’s own efforts e.g. I didn’t study Computer Science at university. I’m self-educated.

Self-employed = to work for oneself e.g. I started my own internet business and I’m self-employed now.

Self-esteem /self-respect = confidence in one’s own abilities e.g. When she lost her excess weight, her self-esteem improved.

Self-evaluation/self-assessment = to evaluate yourself e.g. Our manager asked us to complete a self-evaluation form on our performance throughout the year.

Self-explanatory = obvious e.g. You can read the rules and regulations yourself. They are self-explanatory.

Self-governed = a government elected by its own people e.g. India used to be an English colony but now it’s self-governed.

Self-guided = a visit to a tourist attraction without supervision e.g. We took a self-guided tour around the castle as we didn’t want to wait in the queue for a tour guide.

Self-help = to not rely on others e.g. I find self-help books very useful as they teach you how to get what you want.

Self-induced = brought about by oneself e.g. I don’t feel sorry for them. The situation is self-induced.

Self-made = to become rich/successful by one’s own efforts e.g. He worked extremely hard and is a self-made millionaire.

Self-pity = excessive unhappiness over one’s own troubles e.g. You need to get over your self-pity and start looking for another job.

Self-portrait = when an artist creates his own portrait e.g. Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait is in the museum.

Self-service = when customers choose goods for themselves e.g. They have a self-service salad bar at the restaurant so you can select what you want.

Self-reliance = to depend on one’s own powers/resources rather than those of others e.g. Even though he is 80 he is self-reliant and does everything himself.

Self-absorption = preoccupied with one’s own emotions/interests/situation e.g. A few days after the break-up of her marriage she became self-absorbed.
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