'Too' and 'enough'

We use too before an adjective or adverb. e.g. He was too young to go on the rollercoaster.
We use enough after an adjective or adverb. e.g. I didn't finish quickly enough so I was late.

The bridge was too narrow/wasn’t wide enough for the man to get across.

The diving board was placed too high/wasn’t placed low enough. Diving from that height was too dangerous/wasn’t safe enough for the swimmer.

The dog’s leash was too long/wasn’t short enough for Jack to control it.

The fish was too small/wasn’t big enough so he threw it back in the water. The fish was big enough for bait to catch other fish.

The bag was too heavy/wasn’t light enough for her to carry.

I found the yoga exercises too difficult. They weren’t easy enough. They were easy enough for the instructor to do.

The music was too loud. The music was loud enough for us to hear at the back.

The museum was interesting enough for the children to spend a day there.

The car was driving too quickly/wasn’t driving slow enough to avoid the cyclist.

The diamond ring was too expensive/wasn’t cheap enough.

My dress was too dirty/wasn’t clean enough to wear to the event.

The man was too weak/wasn’t strong enough to pull the boat.

It was cold enough to wear warm clothes.

Gurbinder arrived too late for his appointment. He didn’t arrive early enough.
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