Have something done

Have something done is used when someone else does something for us. [have + noun + past participle]

You can use ‘have’ in different tenses e.g. going to have, will have, is having, had etc.

We are having the grass cut as it has overgrown.
They have had trees planted in that area to provide some shade.
I have my mail delivered to my new address.
Natasha is having her portrait drawn for her.
I couldn’t ring you as I was having my mobile fixed.
We had a family photo taken last week.
Ron is ill and is having his temperature taken.
Alex broke her arm and I think is has been placed in plaster.
We had our living room re-decorated to give it a new look.
They will have a cottage built in the countryside.
Are you having your windows washed?
He isn’t cooking today. He’s having his meals cooked for him by a chef.
We are going to have our engine checked by the mechanic.
She had her tea served on holiday.
They don’t have time to clean this weekend so they are having it done by an agency.
We had the TV repaired.
I know it’s old fashioned but I’m having my shoes shined.
In order to keep workers happy, the company is having an A/C unit installed.
We are just waiting to have our new kitchen put in. Then we can move in.
Your walls looked dirty. I’m glad you’re having them painted.
All passengers have their luggage weighed at the check-in counter.
All drivers in the company need to have their eyes checked before getting on the road.
She is having her dress made especially for the occasion.
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