Phrasal Verbs with 'talk'

Talk someone around = to persuade someone to agree e.g. They didn’t want to come with us to Barcelona but we managed to talk them around to flying with us.

Talk around something = to avoid dealing with important parts of a subject/problem e.g. We talked around the subject because it was sensitive and we didn’t want anyone to feel upset.

Talk back = a child who speaks rudely when they should be polite e.g. I don’t care who broke it. You shouldn't talk back to your elders like that.

Talk down to someone = to make someone seem less intelligent than you e.g. I don’t think he values my education as he constantly talks down to me.

Talk someone into/out of doing something = to persuade someone to do/not to do something e.g. I have a really busy schedule but she talked me into starting pottery classes.

Talk something over/Talk something through = to discuss a problem/situation before making a decision e.g. Let’s talk over the layout of the book  before it is printed.

Talk someone through something = to help someone understand/deal with something e.g. She didn’t know how to download movies so I talked her through the steps.
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