'Let' and 'Make'

Let someone do something = to allow/permit someone to do something [let + object + infinitive without 'to']
Make someone do something = to force someone to do something [make + object + infinitive without 'to']

My teacher makes me study hard.
My room is always untidy and my parents make me clean it once a week.
I had an argument with a member of staff and my supervisor made me apologise.
My parents don’t make me practice playing music but I enjoy doing it.
My children let me sleep late at weekends.
The instructor makes me train as hard as the other athletes.
My friends don’t let me suntan without putting cream on my back.
During summer, I don’t go on holiday as my parents make me help out at the family restaurant.
Our landlord lets us party until the early hours.
Jason lets us play computer games when we visit him.
I don’t have insurance so Rahman doesn’t let me ride his motorbike.
They are flexible on campus and they let us listen to music at any hour.
Once I’ve done my homework my mother lets me play in the park.
Do you parents make you write ‘thank you’ notes?
My father doesn’t make me call my grandparents but I like to ring them up to see how they are.
His wife makes him go to the dentist every three months.
Do they let you eat unhealthy food?
The head teacher made the children wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun.
Passengers don’t make drivers push the taxi when it runs out of petrol!
Their parents make them share their cake with other children.
The national park ranger let us camp near the lake.
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