Phrasal Verbs with 'set'

Set against something = to be opposed to doing/having something e.g. I’m set against keeping pets in small flats.

Set against something = the action of a film/story/play takes place during a particular period/event e.g. The novel is set against the background of England in the 60s.

Set something ahead/back = to change the time according to the season e.g. Thank goodness the time has been set back and we get to sleep more in summer.

Set someone/something apart = to have a quality that makes a person/a thing better than others e.g. Her brilliant voice set her apart in the auditions.

Set something aside = to allow time for a particular purpose e.g. You should set some time aside to enjoy your hobbies.

Set aside = to not be influenced by your feelings/opinions e.g. You should set your feelings aside and make a decision based on fairness.

Set something back = to make it happen slower or later e.g. The fire in the warehouse set production back by a few months.

Set someone back something = to cost someone a lot of money e.g. That villa set Simon back.

Set something down = to officially state how something must be done e.g. Have you seen the manual that sets down the safety rules?

Set something out = to clearly explain something in writing e.g. The document will set out all the details of the project.

Set off/out = to begin a journey e.g. We set off early to avoid the traffic.

Set something off = to cause a series of event unintentionally e.g. The politicians comments have set off a number of demonstrations throughout the city.

Set up = to start a company/organisation e.g. We set up the company in 2010.

Set up = to arrange for something to happen e.g. After the flood they set up a fund to collect money for the victims and their families.

Set something up = to get the equipment ready for an event e.g. They need a whole day to set the stage up for the concert.
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