'ful' as a suffix (spelling)

When ‘ful’ is used as a suffix (to mean "full of") it should be spelt with one -l

beautiful (full of beauty)
careful (full of care)
eventful (full of events)
fearful (full of fear)
forceful (full of force)
graceful (full of grace)
harmful (full of harm)
hateful (full of hate)
helpful (full of help)
hopeful (full of hope)
hurtful (full of hurt)
joyful (full of joy)
meaningful (full of meaning)
painful (full of pain)
peaceful (full of peace)
playful (full of play)
powerful (full of power)
purposeful (full of purpose)
regretful (full of regret)
shameful (full of shame)
sorrowful (full of sorrow)
skilful (full of skill)
successful (full of success)
thoughtful (full of thought)
useful (full of use)
wasteful (full of waste)
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