Punctuation marks

Capital letter A
Small letter a

. Full stop (UK), period (USA) e.g. My name is Jo.
? Question mark e.g. Where are you from?
Exclamation e.g. Really!

, Comma e.g. We bought apples, bananas and strawberries.
; Semicolon e.g. Jo eats eggs; Pat eats bacon.
: Colon e.g. You’ll need three items: shoes, a t-shirt and jeans.

-Hyphen e.g. I’m forty-one years old.
/Slash e.g. http://www.expressteach.com

Apostrophe e.g. Jos name is short.
“”Quotation marks e.g. Jo said, My name is short.

() Parenthesis, brackets
[]Square brackets
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