Greek words used in English

angel, anxious, agony, aerobics, athlete, aesthetic, academy, acme, acrobat, allergy, alphabet, amnesia, amnesty, analysis, anthropology, anthem, anonymous, apology, arithmetic, aristocracy, architecture, aroma, asylum, atlas, automatic, autobiography

bacteria, base, basis, barbarian, bibliography, biology

clone, cosmetic, cosmopolitan, category, centre, chaos, character, choreography, cycle, comedy

diagonal, delta, decade, dialogue, diabetes, diagnosis, diet, drastic, dynamics, democracy, demographics, dinosaur, dilemma

ego, encyclopedia, elastic, ecology, economy, ethics, epilogue

geography, galaxy, genesis, giant, glossary, gynecology, guitar

hierarchy, hippopotamus, history, horizontal, helicopter, hygiene, horoscope

machine, mega, mathematics, method, meter, monotony, monologue, monopoly, music, museum, monogamy

neurology, nostalgia

octopus, omega, organ, oxygen

pediatrician, pandemic, panorama, patriarch, period, philosophy, phobia, political, prologue, program

telephone, telescope, theory, therapy, toxic, tragedy
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