Two words or one?

Already / all ready
We’ve already eaten. (finished)
My friends were all ready to go to the party. (all of them)

Alright/ all right
Is she alright? (fine)
He got the answers all right. (correct)

Altogether / all together
1, 2, 3. That’s 3 people altogether. (in total)
Why don’t we go to the party all together. (at the same time)

Everyday / every day
Jeans are my everyday clothes. (ordinary)
Every day I wake up at 7am. (each day)

Everyone / every one
enjoyed the party. (all people)
Every one of the hats is red. (each one)

Maybe/ may be
Maybe he’s sleeping. (perhaps)
He may be sleeping. (might be)

Sometimes / some times
I sometimes study. (occasionally)
During some times in the summer it gets hot. (some periods)
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