A cliché is an expression that has been used over and over again and so it loses its originality.

Some examples of clichés:

Have a nice day!
Just a minute
Without a doubt
that was the best film I’ve seen.
I had the time of my life.
We waited for hours for the singer to appear but it was well worth the wait.
Even to this day I can’t understand English very well.
The film was a waste of time.
I was having such a good time that I lost track of time.
The film was so boring. It seemed to last forever.
The new manager made a big impression on me.
For the life of me I couldn’t remember his name.
To tell the truth, I didn’t enjoy the film very much.
It was late, I was tired and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
They know full well that I don’t drink.
Let’s call it a day. We’ve been working for ten hours now.
Do you remember the good old days?
We were standing outside and the next thing I knew it was raining.
We’ll be there in an hour, give or take.
Shall we go out to eat? Now, that sounds like a plan.
I’ve never heard of that before! You live and learn.
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