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If your answer is affirmative then you’re very close to getting it by just following two simple steps: leave a comment on this entry and send an email to:

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Indicating the blog or website you want us to link. Moreover, you need to attach a favicon, an image whose size is 16x16 and .png, .jpg or .gif (not animated) format.

And, where’s the trick?

Well, there’s no trick or small print. There are mainly three reasons for this initiative.

  1. To be grateful to our readers and followers for the things that we have achieved with the blog: +450 RSS subscribers, +1100 twitter followers and hundreds of daily visits to the blog. And more than 60 followers. Many thanks to everyone!
  2. We usually receive emails asking for a link exchange. In Learn English Online we don’t do link exchanges, but there are several ways to get a link from us: with a sponsored post, writing a guest post, being a collaborator and now leaving a comment!
  3. For reasons of design, this initiative will add colour and new life to the blog.
There are just two restrictions that you should bear in mind:
  1. We reserve the right to accept or reject the creation of the link depending of the content of your blog or website (pages with content considered racist, sexist etc won’t be accepted).
  2. The validity period for the link will always be monthly and with a minimum duration of a month from the moment this post is published.
Have you signed up?

Don’t take too long as the number of links that we offer is limited and the first people that leave their comment and send a valid icon (16x16) will be the ones that get the link.

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