Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The diagram shows the process required to make banana chips from the initial ingredient through to the distribution and sale of the final product.
First, the bananas are peeled with the help of a machine and soaked into water. Then the clean bananas are sliced into small pieces by a machine. The individual pieces are then again sprayed with water. They are left to dry and then fried in hot oil until they are cooked. The oil is drained from the banana chips and then the chips are left to cool. The cooked chips dry faster with a spinning electric fan that is hung directly overhead. In order to add taste to the chips, spices are added. Finally the banana chips are inserted into packets making them ready for distribution around the world.
To conclude, all stages needed to produce banana chips are carried out by machines and involve peeling, washing, frying, drying and packaging.
Question taken from Grammar for IELTS p.194
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