Speaking IELTS - Part 2 & 3 (Model notes)

IELTS Testbuilder 1 p.98
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  1. The essaytyper essay shows how numbers and statistics can often be misleading or, at least, misrepresented. Without knowledge on why numbers (such as the small income increase between college grads and non-college grads) it is impossible to understand what it really means. For example, it claims that college grads only receive an income of 300 yuan, or 40 dollars, per month. What they fail to mention is that this is an increase of 20%, which seems like a lot more.
    This situation also seems to mimic what is occurring in the U.S. (although it is to a lesser extent in the U.S. With the domination of the ACT and SAT as college application tests, merit and other factors are often left behind. Other than the ACT and SAT, a list of extracurricular activities, and often only one (or on occasion none) essay to show what the applicant is like. Personal interviews have recently become almost non-existent, which leaves college acceptance up to scores, like in China.

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