Idioms with 'word'

Keep one’s word = keep a promise
Break one’s word = fail to keep a promise
Famous last words = so you say!
Have a word with somebody = talk briefly to somebody
Have the last word = make the final comment in an argument
In a word = in conclusion
In other words = putting it another way
Somebody of few words = somebody who says little
My word! = exclamation of surprise
Not in so many words = not exactly
Operative word = significant word
Put in a good word = recommend someone
Take the words out of somebody’s mouth = guess what somebody else is about to say
Take somebody’s word for it = believe someone without question
Word for word = exactly as spoken/written
Words fail me = unable to find words to express a feeling
Actions speak louder than words = deeds are more effective than talk
Word of mouth = using the spoken word
Eat one’s words = regret what one has said
Exchange words = argue/quarrel
From the word go = from the start
Man of his word = someone trustworthy
Not get a word in edgeways = unable to interrupt someone who is talking continuously
Just say the word = say what you need
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