Idioms with 'see'

As far as I can see = according to my understanding
As I see it = in my opinion
Do you see what I mean? = do you understand?
To have seen better days = to be less attractive than before
I’ll see = I might
I see what you mean = I understand
Let me see = I’m trying to remember
Seeing is believing = proof is needed
Seeing things = having a hallucination
See someone off = to go with someone to where they will begin a journey
See someone out = to go with someone to an exit
See something through = to do something until the end
See the last of = to see for the last time
See through someone = realise that someone is trying to deceive
See to something = to deal with
See to it that = make sure that
See you later = goodbye
So I see = that is obvious
When you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all = they are all alike
You see = I told you so
Glad to see the back of someone = to be happy when someone leaves
Wouldn’t be seen dead with = too embarrassed to do something
See eye to eye = to agree
See red = to become very angry
See the writing on the wall = a sign that something bad may happen
See which way the wind blows = to postpone a decision until one has more information
Wait and see = to wait for a result
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