Idioms with 'way'

By the way = incidentally
By way of = via
Go a long way to = be very helpful
Go one’s own way = act independently
Go out of one’s way = take trouble to
Have one’s own way = do whatever one wants
Have it both ways = have the advantage of two mutually exclusive options
In a way = in one respect
In somebody’s way = obstructing someone
Lead the way = go first
Lose one’s way = become lost
Make way for = move aside and leave room for
There are no two ways about it = there is no doubt
In a bad way = a critically ill person or a poor state of a thing
In a big way = enthusiastically
Look the other way = ignore on purpose
Meet somebody half way = agree to a compromise
Mend one’s ways = change one’s bad behaviour
Out of harm’s way = in safety
Pave the way for something = make something easier or possible
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