Idioms with 'take'

Can take it = to be able to tolerate pain or trouble
I take it = I assume
It takes one to know one = you are the same as the person you describe
Take after someone = look like someone
Take it from me = believe me
Take it from there = carry on without supervision
Take it or leave it = accept or refuse something
Take it out on someone = direct one’s anger at someone else
Take off = suddenly succeed
Take one back = to remember the past
Take on the appearance of = to look like
Take someone for someone else = mistake one person for another
Take someone in = allow someone in one’s home
Take someone up on something = to accept an offer
Take something back = to withdraw a statement
Take something in = to understand
Take something over = to take control
Take something upon oneself = accept responsibility
Take something up with someone = to discuss a topic
Take to something = to come to like it
To be taken aback = surprised
Take cover = look for protection
Take effect = to happen
Take it easy = relax
Take off one’s hat = admire
Take one’s medicine = accept unpleasantness of one’s own making
Take sides = support one party in a dispute
Take someone for a ride = cheat someone
Take someone to one side = talk to someone privately
Take someone’s mind off something = to distract someone
Take someone’s place = to replace someone
Take steps = take action
Take the place of something = act as a substitute
Take the floor = stand up to speak or dance
Take up arms = to become involved in a conflict
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