Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 1)

The flow chart shows the reasons why people move from the countryside to the city and the subsequent results of this shift.

Environmental and human factors cause people to gravitate towards cities. People expect to find more money and enjoy a better lifestyle if they live in cities. Poor harvests brought about by climate change because of the excessive use of fossil fuels also contributes to the drift towards the city.

Once in cities, people face many challenges including overcrowding, limited jobs, substandard housing and unequal distribution of genders. These drawbacks have an impact on a person’s health such as the outbreak of diseases as well as social problems due to the differences that exist between the city and rural areas.

To conclude, although people move to urban areas because they seek a comfortable life or they are forced off their land by poor harvests, the life they lead there in not as expected resulting in illness and social problems.

Question taken from Focus on Skills for IELTS Foundation p.94
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