Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Mobile telephones have brought many benefits but they have also had negative effects.  Do the advantages of having mobile phones outweigh the disadvantages?

Very few people are without a mobile phone today and owning a cell phone begins at a much younger age than it used to in the past. Initially, bulky models were used for emergency purposes only but current phones operate like computers and have many useful features.

Firstly, mobile phones allow us to communicate with our loved ones at all times via calls, text messages, social network sites, emails or live with programmes like Skype. They are extremely useful for business purposes as you are constantly in touch with clients and can be updated on any important developments instantly and worldwide. In addition, phones of today have many extras like maps, gps systems, access to search engines etc. that make your life stress free because you can have endless information at your fingertips. Mobiles are also entertaining, having music, films, games etc.

However, a mobile phone means you can be reached at any hour and you are forced to respond to calls, missed calls, emails etc. Your private and work lives are merged together and it seems that you are working constantly. Furthermore, people have come to rely too much on their phones usually at the expense of face-to-face communication. There is also a belief that mobiles carry health risks such as cancer if they are overused without headphones.

I think many people would agree that a mobile phone is a necessity these days but should be used in moderation. Without a phone you would be unable to stay ahead in terms of business or keep in touch with family and friends.

Question taken from Skills for IELTS Foundation p.80
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