Phrasal verbs with 'hold'

Hold on = to wait for a short while e.g. Hold on – Let me get my keys.

Hold on = a confused/surprised expression e.g. Hold on! Didn’t you tell me you weren’t interested?

Hold onto something = to keep something you have e.g. You should hold onto your grandfather’s watch. It is valuable.

Hold out something = to hold something in front of you e.g. She held out her plate and asked for more potatoes.

Hold out for something = to wait until you get what you want e.g. She’s holding out for a wealthy man.

Hold out on someone = to not give information to someone e.g. I asked him about it but I think he’s holding out on me.

Hold someone to something = to make someone do what they have agreed to do e.g. I’m going to hold him to his word and collect what he owes me next week.

Hold up = to support e.g. Those two columns hold up the building

Hold up something = to delay e.g. The competition was held up because the team arrived late.

Hold up = to steal money from a building/person/vehicle e.g. There was a hold up at our local bank last week.

Hold someone/something up as something = to use as a good example e.g. She is often held up as a role model because of her charity work.
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