Phrasal Verbs with 'lay'

Lay something aside = to keep money for future use e.g. We need to lay some money aside for our children’s education.

Lay something aside = to stop doing/thinking about something for a short while e.g. They laid aside their plans of having a baby until they were older.

Lay something down = to officially establish a rule e.g. I think we need to lay down the rules for on-campus entertainment.

Lay into someone = to attack/criticise someone e.g. He started laying into me when I brought up the idea of leaving my job.

Lay someone off = to stop employing someone due to lack of work. e.g. The factory in China had to lay off workers as there was no demand for the products in Europe.

Lay off someone = to stop annoying/upsetting/hurting someone e.g. Lay off! Can you go and play in the other room? I’m trying to watch this programme.

Lay off something = to stop using/doing something e.g. I’ve decided to lay off eating fast food.

Lay on something = to provide something for a group e.g. They lay on a feast for us when we arrived.

Lay it on = to complain about something that is not so important e.g. She laid all her work problems on her husband when she got home.

Lay something out = to put something on a flat surface e.g. We laid the bowls of soup on the table.

Lay something out = to describe clearly in writing e.g. The company laid out its policy to all employees.

Lay out = design of a building, garden, city e.g. The landscape gardener laid the garden out beautifully.

Lay over = to stay somewhere for a short while before continuing a long plane journey e.g. On our way to Canada we had a lay over in London.
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