Phrasal Verbs with 'kick'

Kick back = to relax e.g. This weekend I’m planning to kick back and do some gardening.

Kick down something = to knock a door until it falls e.g. The police kicked down the door and entered the building.

Kick in = to start to take effect e.g. I’ve just taken a pill for my headache and I’m waiting for it to kick in.

Kick off something= to start e.g. The match kicks off at 8pm.

Kick someone out = to force someone to leave e.g. When he was caught sleeping at his desk, he was kicked out of the company.

Kick something over = to make something fall on its side e.g. He got angry and kicked the table over.

Kick up something = to complain/be angry about something e.g. She kicked up a fuss when they told her there were no tickets available.
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