Academic Writing - Model Answer (Task 2)

Some people believe that it is good for a country to host a major sports competition. Others think it causes many problems for the country. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

Whenever there is a major sporting event, there is great competition amongst countries to host it. For some it is an opportunity to increase revenue, promote a country and a chance to invest in the infrastructure of a city.

When a country hosts an event, it gets free publicity and once the event is over, tourists still visit the city. This can be seen in Manchester which hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2002. Once a country wins a bid to host an event, building work begins bringing in revenue for architects, engineers, construction workers etc. Cities get a face-lift, as in the case of Barcelona which hosted the Olympic Games in 1992. It not only gives a chance for a city to show the rest of the world what is great about it and encourage its athletes to do well but helps with the infrastructure, provides jobs and improves a city.

On the other hand it might cause hostility amongst nations that are not friendly with each other. Hooliganism might break out damaging public property and leading to fights amongst rival fans. Racism might be another danger. What is more, stadiums and large buildings might not be utilized when the competition comes to an end or some cities might have over spent on the budget like Athens and this will burden taxpayers.

All in all, I believe the benefits of hosting competitions are greater than the drawbacks and if the government plans ahead, uses funds appropriately and has adequate security measures in place, then the games will run smoothly.

Question taken from Focus on Skills for IELTS Foundation p. 59
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